S Car 354

The Self-Satisfied Burgher/ What does it matter if we're annexed afterwards, so long as we remain neutral 1916

S Car 324

'- ... Nous sommes encore bien bons de ne pas réquisitionner votre lait! sec. XX primo quarto

S Car 320 18

Ferdinand the Chameleon/ I was a Catholic, but, needing Russian help, I became a Greek Orthodox. Now I need the Austrians, I again become Catholic. Should things turn out badly, I can again revert to Greek Orthodoxy. 1916

S Car 320 19

Gli orrori della prima guerra mondiale 1916

S Car 320 20

Gli orrori della prima guerra mondiale 1916

S Car 320 21

God with Us/ At the command "Gott mit uns" you will go for them. 1916

S Car 320 28

Il rappresentante della Kultur./ Sono incaricato dal mio imperatore di spandere l'intelligenza pel mondo 1916

S Car 320 30

Le bellezze della guerra/ Chi non le capisce 1916

S Car 320 23

Liberté! Liberté, chèrie! 1916

S Car 320 29

Seduzione… alla Bissing/ nevevro, ch'io so farmi amare? 1916

S Car 320 24

September, 1914, and September,1915/ 1914: "Now, the war begins as we like it."/ 1915: "But this is not as I wished it to continue." (Published after the French success in Champagne) 1916

S Car 320 16

The Friendly Visitor/ The German: "I come as a friend"/ Holland: "Oh, yes. I've heard that from my Belgian sister". 1916

S Car 320 26

The German Loan/ Don't breathe on the bubbler or the whole will collapse 1916

S Car 320 25

The Great Surprise/ Moses II leads his chosen poepole through the Red Sea to the promised (Eng) land 1916

S Car 320 17

The Latin Sisters/ Italy: "Indeed she is my sister". 1916

S Car 320 22

To the End/ War and Hunger: "Now you must accomany us to the end."/ The Kaiser: "Yes, to my end." 1916

S Car 320 27

Vox populi suprema lex/ L'imperatore: Non ti preoccupare della tua gente, Tino. La gente deve solo applaudire a quello che diciamo 1916

S Car 320 8

A Stable Place/ The Kaiser: "And remember, if they do not accept, I deny altogether" 1916

S Car 320 9

Ahasuerus Returns/ "Once I drove the Christ out of mu door; now I am doomed to walk from the Northern Seas to the Southern, from the Western shores to the Eastern mountains, asking for Peace, and non will give it to me" 1916

S Car 320 12

Christendom after Twent Centuries 1916

S Car 320 14

Christmas Eve/ Joseph: "The Holy War is at the door" 1916

S Car 320 11

Gott Strafe England!/ Father says I have to do the same with France 1916

S Car 320 1

Gott Strafe Italien! 1916

S Car 320 7

It's Fattening Work 1916

S Car 320 4

L'Avenir 1916

S Car 320 3

My Son, Go and Fight for Your Motherland! 1916

S Car 320 2

The German: "If you will let me keep what I have, I will let you go" 1916

S Car 320 10

The Promise/ "We shall never sleath the sword until Belgium recovers all, and more than all athat she has sacrificed"- Mr Asquith, 9th November, 1914 1916

S Car 320 13

The Raid/ "Do you remeber Black Mary of Hamburg?"/ "Aye, well"/ "Sho got six years for killing a child, whilst we get the Iron Cross for killing twenty at Hartlepool" 1916

S Car 320 6

Von Bethmann-Hollweg and Truth/ "Truth is on the path and nothing will stay her" 1916

S Car 320 5

War Loan Music/ "was blazen die Trompeten Moneten heraus?" 1916

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